Our Story

Welcome to Temple Of 6 Yards!

My name is Sujatha Kanthavel and I am the proud founder and owner of Temple of 6 Yards.  I come from a big family of creatives and I am a fervent explorer of colour, fashion, and new experiences.  I began my corporate career not in fashion, but in Information Technology.  For many years, I felt like a fashionista stuck in the body of an IT Manager in desperate need for a creative outlet.  Acting on instinct, fueled by a passion and a vision I leapt into the fashion industry with the launch of Temple of 6 Yards.  Inspired by my love of colour, texture and drape, I split my time between fashion and information technology.  Temple of 6 Yards has been my colourful escape from the real world.  It was a big leap, but I’m so happy to have followed my heart. 

At Temple Of 6 Yards, we provide a carefully curated collection of sarees and custom designed saree blouses for all occasions. We feature up-and-coming selections of Banarasi, Kanchipuram, Venkatakiri, Gadwal, Kalamkari and Pure Silks sarees that are unique, stylish and classy for the modern-day fashionista.  

We’re very fortunate to work directly with some of the finest family owned weavers, tailors and suppliers throughout India.  This enables us to provide some of the finest, most unique pieces available.  Many of our pieces bear the Silk Mark certification by the ‘Silk Mark Organization of India' certifying these pieces are woven of 100% pure natural silk.

I believe within every saree lives a story; that’s the connection I want each of our clients to feel when wearing a saree from Temple Of 6 Yards. Our core objective is to continuously elevate the many facets of Temple Of 6 Yards to ensure our clients are provided with luxurious, beautiful pieces and the most amazing experience possible. 

We’re delighted to have you with us on this journey and hope you are inspired by the eye-catching colours, luxurious fabrics and passion for design that goes into each of our pieces. 

Visit our online store for a full range of our ever-growing selections.  Enjoy!